Links: Drake and Snooki Sitting in a Tree, Miley Cryus’s Sexy New Album Cover

● Drake personally invited Jersey Shore‘s Snooki to his award show after-party and was bummed when she was turned away at the door. Imagine how spicy Season 3 would be with a half-Jewish rapper involved. [Page Six] ● Nicole Richie had her probation extended because she has yet to take the requisite number of alcohol education classes, being busy with her kids and all. She could bring them along, give ’em a head start. [TMZ] ● What’s wrong with Megan Fox? A bit of advice: “Just take the flower you guys. Take it. No big deal. But take the flower.” [Videogum]

● The cover of the new Miley Cyrus album, Can’t Be Tamed, works to advance her new image as a chaste goody-goody, with a skirt to the floor and all buttons fastened. Seriously, look! [People] ● Jerry Seinfeld on Lady Gaga: “This woman is a jerk. I hate her.” [HuffPo] ● Lindsay Lohan may pose nude with her alcohol-monitoring bracelet to promote her new handbag line, or just for shits and giggles and internet fame. [CNN]

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