Links: Denise Richards Is Dating Nikki Sixx, Mariah Carey Probably Expecting Twins

● If Denise Richards is really dating Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue, then something is totally up with the competitive dating between Richards and Heather Locklear. And old men win. [E! Online] ● David Arquette says he’s been drinking to cope with his divorce from Courteney Cox. Also, he doesn’t have a viable career! [Us Weekly] ● How badly would you like to watch the trailer for the third season of Jersey Shore? Oh, really? [HuffPo]

● Everyone is pretty sure that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are expecting twins. She refers to the baby as “they,” and also she’s huge. [E! Online] ● Natalie Portman, who loves bagels and hummus, says she gained 20 pounds while at Harvard, plus probably a wealth of knowledge and some student loans. Just kidding about that last part — life is free when you’re pretty! [Us Weekly] ● Hulk Hogan’s wedding ended in a beach brawl because, obviously, duh. [TMZ]

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