Links: Denise Richards’ Bags of Fun, Evan Rachel Wood Sucks (Blood)

● What happened to Billy Corgan? He was once an icon of alternative rock … but now? He’s using former lyrics to promote PPV wrestling matches. [Youtube] ● Pharrell Williams has decided to laser all the tattoos off his arms off. [Twitter] ● Denise Richards has filmed a segment for Funny or Die about what’s she’s known for: her “funbags.” [FunnyorDie]

The Brothers Bloom has been delayed for almost a year, but director Rian Johnson is previewing the opening sequence of the Mark Ruffalo & Adrien Brody film on Hulu. [Hulu] ● Is there a Clueless sequel on its way? Evidently Alicia Silverstone and director Amy Heckerling have nothing better to do, as they were seen talking about the script while shopping. [Star] ● Evan Rachel Wood will be doing a two-episode stint on HBO vampire show True Blood. She’ll be playing Sophie-Anne, the 500-year-old vampire Queen of Louisiana. [EW]
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