Links: Demi Moore Is Old, Sienna Miller Wants To Be Full Sized

● Demi Moore tweeta a photo of herself from a photo shoot and her ‘followers’ reminded the aging actress that she looks old. Demi’s response? I’m 47…I am old. [HuffingtonPost] ● Stephanie Pratt has followed up her stint on The Hills and a DUI with a stunning photo shoot for Maxim. By stunning, I mean she looks like a hot mess. [PopCrunch] ● Wanna know how Victoria Beckham plans to keep thin this holiday season? She is invoking a ‘three bites rule’ for all Christmas meals. [HeraldSun]

● Sienna Miller says fuller figured woman are more beautiful than skinny bitches like herself. What’s the saying? The boobs are always better on the other side. [GlamourUK] ● Did you know Daryl Hannah is kind of granola? So much so that she thinks plastic cups should be illegal. [Showbizspy] ● Having found success on the big screen, Amanda Seyfried is blowing the popsicle stand known as ‘Big Love’ after this season. [TVFanatic]

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