Links: Conan O’Brien to TBS (for Some Reason); Christopher Walken Discovers the Internet

● Conan O’Brien has landed, and it’s worse than anyone could’ve imagined; he will host a late night show on TBS (yes, that’s still a channel), making him network buddies with George Lopez. Why, oh, why? Here’s the scoop. [Daily Beast] ● Everyone on the internet went to eat (and then blog about) KFC’s heart attack with a fried chicken bun: the Double Down. Read all of the reviews in one place. [Urlesque] ● The Tina Fey backlash has begun: sure she’s hilarious, but why won’t she stop making fun of women? [Double X]

● “The Internet is strange,” said actor Christopher Walken… in 2010. “There’s stuff on the Internet about me. I’ve tried to find out who puts it there.” [New Yorker] ● The 12 creepiest pictures of the Pope, because why not — the man is terrifying. [Buzzfeed] ● Jessica Simpson’s new haircut turned her into Kate Gosselin, but before the weave. [Celebuzz]

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