Links: Cate Blanchett Disgusted by Pitt-Jolie Love, ‘Twilight’ Fans Shut Out

● Cate Blanchett is set to replace Sienna Miller, who was deemed too thin and young, as Maid Marian in the upcoming Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe feature Nottingham. [Telegraph] ● On a related note, Blanchett refuses to work with Brad Pitt anymore because he is too loved by Angelina Jolie and frankly it’s “disgusting!” [DigitalSpy] ● Those who are fortunate enough to show their collections at Fashion Week give us a little preview, with a one-word description of their upcoming Fall show. [NYMag]

● Tears and tantrums broke out at an open Twilight audition for the sequel; fans had traveled far and wide and then were shut out from auditioning. [TimesColonist] ● Just in time for Valentine’s Day, 29 romantic movies that won’t make you puke. [AVClub] ● Michael Phelps says he’ll take this three-month suspension to train and mull over 2012 Olympic plans, and Seth Meyer’s “Really” segment about Kellogg’s dropping Phelps made him and his family laugh. [BaltimoreSun]

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