Links: Britney Spears Hangs Out, Dakota Fanning in ‘Twilight’ Sequel

● Now there’s video of Britney Spears exclaiming that her “lady part” is hanging out of her effing bedazzled leotard. Classy. [TMZ] ● Someone on eBay is selling an original Elsa Schiaparelli compact powder box constructed by Salvador Dali from a rotary phone dial. This piece of eccentricity can be yours for any bid over $710. [Ebay] ● No Doubt is gearing up for an appearance on Gossip Girl and a summer tour. The theme of the tour, according to guitarist Tom Dumont, is from the film A Clockwork Orange. So they’re a 90s ska band singing an 80s cover song on GG, performing against a 60s-styled stage. Got it. [Buzznet]

● Quentin Tarantino tried getting into Webster Hall dressed in rags and “full bum make-up” (whatever that means) recently, explaining it was for a film shooting up the street. After a moment the bouncers let him in, as he did direct Pulp Fiction. [P6] ● Dakota Fanning will be quite busy this school year; yesterday, the 15-year-old was confirmed to be in the Twilight sequel New Moon, and now she’ll play Cherie Currie in The Runaways biopic. [DListed] ● Here’s a seriously random list of the worst TV theme songs. The best of the worst include Blossom, The Love Boat, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. [Pajiba]

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