Links: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Date Night, Mickey Rourke’s Loki Charm

● When you’re the biggest celeb couple in the world, what are the Oscars to you? A date night of, course. That’s what Brad and Angelina told reporters as they giggled their way down the press line. [People] ● So you’ve won an Oscar — doesn’t mean you won’t make a turkey of a film in the future. See the top ten worst movies past Oscar winners have made. Halle Berry, we’re all looking at you. [Premiere] ● The producers of Milk were going to have a pre-Oscar party, but cancelled it because they believed they weren’t going to win anything (certainly not Sean Penn). [P6]

● Last week, it was reported that Diane Kruger had a nose job after she showed up to a fashion show wearing dark glasses and sporting some bruises. The actress says the dark glasses and bruises were due to Lasik eye surgery. That’s a pretty brutal eye laser. [UPI] ● Mickey Rourke, who lost his dog Loki last week, keeps her memory alive by wearing a Loki charm around his neck. [TMZ] ● The ever-humble Simon Cowell says that he wants to be frozen when he dies so he can be brought back to life in the future. Pity the future. [DailyMail]

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