Links: ‘Benjamin Button’ Doomed, Mickey Rourke @ Wrestlemania, Gordon Ramsay vs. Mario Batali

● Nick Cave’s son Jethro is a model. Jethro embodies that pale, alien look so popular on European runways these days. [TFS] ● Benjamin Button has been losing left and right this award season and could lose all 13 awards at the Oscars (from Best Picture to Best Sound Editing). Here’s how. [Defamer] ● Janet Jackson has canceled her one-week tour in Japan “due to the impact of economic crisis.” Last year, Jackson canceled seven performances due to migraines. “Economic crisis” is this year’s “exhaustion.” [Us Weekly]

● Mickey Rourke has accepted an invite to this year’s Wrestlemania 25. Will he use his “real” wrestling skills in the ring? Let’s hope so! [Zimbio] ● Gordon Ramsay won’t be eating in any of Mario Batali’s exclusive eateries anytime soon. Ramsay has given Batali the moniker “Fanta Pants” which has caused the ban. [P6] ● Lady Gaga was offered a spot in the Pussycat Dolls, but declined because their “vibes” didn’t match — i.e., she didn’t want to dance around in her underpants to pop songs. Oh, wait. [Showbizspy]

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