Links: Ashton Kutcher Most Popular Boy on Twitter, Drew Barrymore’s Bat-Crush

● It’s a sad state of affairs when Ashton Kutcher has surpassed President Obama as the most-followed person on Twitter, with a million followers. Kutcher does update multiple times a day with ever-more-inane details of his life, while our President has been a tad distracted running the world and all. [CNN] ● In case we didn’t already know, Diane Kruger would like to remind us Brad Pitt has a “sweet family” and that Angelina Jolie is “beautiful.” [Us] ● Lindsay Lohan is slowly crawling back to the top, or maybe it’s the middle; she’s mounting a palimony case against ex Samantha Ronson. Lohan feels she’s entitled to a cut of Ronson’s DJ gigs, as they’ve gone up from $10,000 to $100,000. [PopCrunch]

● Drew Barrymore has been caught canoodling with Ed Westwick and old beau Justin Long, but Barrymore’s true crush is Batman himself: Christian Bale. [PA] ● Reese Witherspoon will be channeling Tracy Flick again for the new film Nice, where Witherspoon’s character finds it’s easier to kill her boyfriend than break up with him. [Variety] ● Gloria Estefan is starting her farewell tour, which if Cher’s and Elton John’s are anything to go by, will never end. [LiP]

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