Links: ‘A-Team’ Trailer Gets a Z: Kelly Cutrone Drops an F

● “If you have a problem. And no one else can help. And if you can find them. Maybe you can hire The A-Team.” Guess it’s pretty hard to hire The A-Team, huh? But not, judging from the just leaked trailer, harder than sitting through The A-Team movie will be! [Buzzfeed] ● The upcoming fourth season of Hanna Montana will be the show’s last. Finally set free from Disney’s kid friendly clutches, Miley Cryus expected to pose for topless photo any minute now. [NY Post] ● Extremely unflattering mug shot alert! The beautiful ABC reporter who recently got engaged to Obama’s budget master looks pretty rough in hers. [NY Daily News]

● Lady Gaga lands a gig as a creative director for Polaroid. [Polaroid] ● One Life To Live airs first ever daytime gay sex scene, just as cheeseball as all daytime straight sex scenes. [Feministing] ● “If you’re sensitive and some one hurts your feelings– I don’t give a fuck.” Watch the trailer for Kell on Earth, the reality show about The City‘s unhinged, resident grownup and all-around bad ass, fashion publicist Kelly Cutrone. [Bravo]

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