Lingerie Models on Roller Coasters

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imageBras are expected to do a lot of things. They’re made to lift, separate, add volume, or — sometimes — to strap ’em in and lock ’em down. But most of all, they’re supposed to provide support and keep everything in place. In a rather cheeky advertising move, Ultimo lingerie (of Peaches Geldof fame) decided to really put their bras to the test and make sure that their bras were really and truly keeping everything into place. Their testing protocol: outfitting dozens of underwear models in a variety of Ultimo styles and dispatching them on a roller coaster.

The gorgeous underwear “testers” rode the coaster in just their bras and panties, plus shoes (some wore cowboy boots), all in the name of science, of course. “Many women across the UK wear ill-fitting bras, which can not only cause discomfort and long-term health problems, but also accidental exposure at inappropriate times,” said Ultimo’s MD Michelle Mone. To the disappointment of anyone in the vicinity, there was none such “accidental exposure,” even on the fast coaster. It seems that the Ultimo does in fact, keep everything in place. Click here to see video of the ride.