Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey: Behind the Scenes

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. Lindsay Lohan’s child trafficking doc, Lindsay Lohan’s Indian Journey, premieres tonight on the BBC. In honor of the momentous occasion, the Guardian has some fun “making of” tidbits about LiLo’s reported antics during the shoot. Some highlights:

*When it was time to go to India, Lindsay got flakey and repeatedly cancelled and rebooked flights and didn’t communicate her plans to producers.

*When she was tweeting messages like “Over 40 children saved so far,” and “Within one day’s work … this is what life is about … Doing THIS is a life worth living! Oh, and I’m talking about being in India,” she reportedly wasn’t even in India.

*When Lohan finally agreed to travel to India, three first class tickets had to be purchased at the last minute, reportedly for a cool $45,000, though the BBC says this figure isn’t correct.

*Lohan’s on-again-off-again flakeage meant she got to India the day after a planned raid by Indian authorities on a child trafficking operation. She was supposed to be there so that she could be filmed with the children rescued by the raid.

*The BBC allowed Lohan to travel to India without a work visa, which could mean she won’t be able to travel there again. Something tells us she doesn’t have any plans to.

*Lohan only spent 2 and a half days in India. Quite a journey.

*Lohan was a no-show for an interview with Unicef in New York that was to be featured in the film. Where was she when she was supposed to be having a serious talk with Unicef officials? Oh, a little soiree called Milan fashion week. *The doc features a scene where a little girl tells her tragic story of how her parents would beat her if she didn’t go out every day to earn money. LiLo sobs. The little girl goes to stroke her hair to comfort it. LiLo freaks out. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” she wails. “Sorry, I’m having a moment.” The cameras shut off.

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