Lindsay Lohan Swaps Gerard Butler for Ryan Phillippe

Meh, it’s anyone guess how LiLo, ever the object of public curiosity, keeps finding the eleven letters of her name magnetically drawn to almost-A-listers lately. There was that whole sordid thing with Gerard Butler, although Lohan reportedly put the kibosh on that. So now there are whispers — just breathy susses, at that — of LiLo and former Mr. Reese Witherspoon Ryan Phillippe “getting cozy” at L.A. club Voyeur recently.

Though details are thin. For all we know, the pair could’ve been squabbling about whether pasties were a good idea on Lohan’s Ungaro line. Or perhaps they were acting out selected scenes of Monster’s Ball, with Lohan rasping, “I got these curtains right here on credit and the man told me I wasn’t supposed to get this deal, but I think he kinda liked me … and he told me I could have these curtains on credit. I said, ‘What the hell? Red curtains would be great for my place.’ So I said, ‘I’ll take it.’ So I got me some red curtains.” And Phillippe asserting, “Damn straight.” Yes, innocent commentary about purchasing draperies on credit. That’s all that could’ve transpired. So all this tongue-wagging could be for naught.

That is, if Philippe hadn’t already been a fixation of Lohan’s for a couple years now. A fact that he indifferently acknowledged sometime ago. Add to all that Lohan’s ability to accrue A-list hotties. Obviously someone’s being stingy with details.

Before Phillippe and Butler, but long after Samantha Ronson, there was also Balthazar Getty last month. And of course, rumors of a Lohan-Ledger tryst still remain hot. Even if Lohan and Phillippe were acting out scenes from Monster’s Ball, it probably wasn’t too long before one of them yelled, “I want you to make me feel better. I want you to make me feel good. Can you make me feel good?” with the other obliging happily.

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