Lindsay Lohan Stops by ‘The Tonight Show’ to Promote Her Jail Sentence

If things were different, Lindsay Lohan’s “secret” appearance on this evening’s Tonight Show wouldn’t be a secret at all. Instead of Leno covertly interviewing her after yesterday’s show wrapped, she’d be a regularly scheduled guest, and by tomorrow afternoon, she’d be in Burbank promoting her steamy new role as Thor’s love interest – or whatever Emma Stone role should have been hers. Instead, Lohan is trying to rehabilitate her life in the public eye, while we’re still not sure if she’s pulled it off in private.

Much like Paul Reiser’s awkward appearance on Leno last night to promote a show for NBC that NBC had just canceled, Lohan doesn’t have much to shill other than her recurring role as an L.A. County inmate. NBC has released a thirty second clip of Lohan’s appearance, in which she admits she’s “made a lot of mistakes.”

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