Lil Wayne Beats Oreo Cookies in Facebook Battle

At the end of a fierce and unusual battle, which included one of America’s favorite treats, one of America’s favorite rappers, and the world’s favorite narcissistic social media site, the Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed that Lil Wayne is way more enticing than an Oreo cookie. On Tuesday morning, the Nabisco brand announced the first ever attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most “Likes” on Facebook. Simple enough–after all, who doesn’t love an Oreo?–until Lil Wayne got involved.

He upped the stakes by informing his 20 million-plus followers that he was also out to break the Guinness World Record for most “Likes.” Inevitably, the clicks came pouring in, and 15 minutes after his initial announcement, Wayne had already amassed more than 75,000 clicks – that’s 25,000 more than Oreo’s initial goal of 50,000.

By Wednesday afternoon, Wayne had more or less put an end to the competition with 530,000-plus clicks, versus approximately 150,000 for Team Oreo. But, as with any legendary rapper vs. cookie battle, there was a snafu. Wayne had forgotten to submit an official application to Guinness World Records to compete in the race, which would mean a forfeit to Oreo. Thankfully, someone must have found a fax machine, because a few hours later Wayne’s official Facebook page read: “We did it!!!” Guinness World Records says it’s official.” Over 20 million “Likes.”

Sorry, Oreo, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

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