Let’s Compare Danae Cappelletto & Amy Sacco’s Boyfriends

Many of the women I meet in nightlife only make me long for Amy Sacco. There are plenty of women present who give it just as good as the guys, but there are also plenty of women who realize they’re a minority in the after-dark world, and carry themselves with a sort of defensive air accordingly, as if I need to be reminded. Which is why I was excited to see Page 6 Magazine‘s profile of Danae Cappelletto, the talent behind Travertine and the new club-entry XIX. Unfortunately, while the article directly compares Cappelletto with Sacco, the points of comparison veer away from the powerhouse ladies’ nightlife resumes, focusing instead on all-important questions like who they’re dating and what they wear.


It’s fun if fluffy stuff, certainly, but if we’re crowning the heir to one of the most notable nightlife impresarios in recent memory, perhaps heftier points of interest are in order? What is Travertine’s effect on nightlife? How might it be mimicking Bungalow 8’s takeover of the Chelsea West Side? How is their celebrity following comparable? What obstacles have the two women overcome? Pointing out who Cappelletto and Sacco are dating while neglecting to look at the cultural impact of their endeavors reminds me a little of this. Then again, it’s just nightlife.

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