Le Souk Back to Make You Dance & Wake the Neighbors

Speaking of restaurants as nightlife, one of the most notorious (if not most controversial) of them all appears to have won its ongoing battle against the irate neighbors of Avenue B. Word via a press release courtesy of Lizzie Grubman (who better to represent a scandalous resto nightlclub than her) that Middle Eastern rager Le Souk is set to re-open its doors next Monday night. This means triumphant, thumping beats for the joint’s Euro-ish devotees, and more ire for certain noise-averse neighbors. You pretty much have to side with Le Souk on this one.

Ave. B used to be pretty gnarly before the restaurants and nightlife came in and sorta cleaned the place up, as far as neighborliness is concerned. It pretty much comes down to what you prefer: heroin dealers or a bunch of drunks smoking cigarettes outside into the wee hours. (I prefer a delicate balance between the two myself.) In any event, Le Souk is open for business again on Avenue B, and their big Monday-night party is poised for a comeback. Got gel?

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