LAX-Adjacent Custom Hotel Gets Mod Makeover

Hotels near LA’s chaotic airport, LAX, aren’t exactly known for their design flourishes. Weary travelers who stay at nearby Westin or Sheraton hotels are forgiven if they’re not impressed with those chains’ knack for late-eighties motifs. But! The times, they are-a-changin,’ as one option near the airport, the Custom hotel, just got the makeover treatment, and the results are not too shabby at all. Come look!

The Custom, now managed and owned by San Francisco-based company Joie de Vivre, officially re-launches September 15th, and boasts “an aesthetic that pays homage to the mod ’60’s glamorous air travel,” says the press release. (Think Christina Ricci’s new show, Pan Am.) The hotel also has a newly renamed and redesigned bar and restaurant, called Deck 33, which opens on August 1st.

The Custom opened a few years ago, and has a rep with West L.A. and Santa Monica residents, who may have popped by for one of the summer pool parties the hotel is known for hosting. But the Custom now seems bent on attracting stylish business travelers, with some nice twists that include uniforms inspired by 60s airline staff, with the women in sleek blouses and pencil skirts, and the men in opened collar dress shirts with pinstriped details. While rooms at the Custom can be on the small side, the price is right and the vibe always friendly, along the lines of the Standard Hotel or similar. The hotel is offering an introductory rate starting at $129.

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