Las Vegas: Top 5 Local & Industry Nights

imageCatch that cute server when they’re not on the clock.

1. Jet (Strip: Central) – On Mondays, this massive, three-room club invites Vegas’ huge population of waitresses and bartenders to drink, dance to hip-hop and talk about you. 2. Studio 54 (Strip: Central) – “Influence Tuesdays” is one of the city’s older industry parties, drawing all kinds of club backers and bottle flippers together under the giant disco ball. 3. Privé (Strip: Central) – “Money for Nothing” Mondays offer free admission for locals and industry folks with $5000 literally dropping from the ceiling. To try and make up for all those Europeans who don’t tip.

4. Cathouse (Strip: South) – “Madame Mondays” draws a local crowd to the bordelloesque club with guest DJs, fashion shows and industry parties. 5. Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce (Strip: South) – “Silicone Sundays.” Yup, strippers need a night to party off-duty too.

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