Lady Gaga Wants Rosario Dawson or Marisa Tomei to Play Her in a Biopic

Lady Gaga had an interview on Sirius radio this morning and said that she’s “destined for the screen.” And if a movie were to be made about her life, she would cast Rosario Dawson or Marisa Tomei to portray her. Marisa Tomei is great, but she’s twice Gaga’s age. And also, seriously? The Lady also revealed that she spent Valentine’s Day “in bed with tons of shoes. I was holding all my shoes, my Valentine’s.” You keep doing you, girl.

Could be a little premature to get into this, but the only person suitable for the role of Lady Gaga is Gaga herself. Nobody else could pull it off. Can you imagine Marisa Tomei in this outfit? image

No way. Now that I’m thinking about it, the Lady Gaga biopic should go super-arty. She should play all of the characters, including the ghost of Madonna circa 1984, who will torment her dreams. There will be a long Godardian middle section that’s just her lying in bed with all her shoes, mixed in with outtakes from the “Alejandro” video.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gaga agreed with me regarding the Grammys, describing Cee-Lo and Gwyneth’s performance as “wonderful,” and disclosed that she’s on the “drunk diet.” Me too!

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