Kanye West Wears Gold Chains and Grill to Occupy Wall Street

Oh, Yeezy. The rapper showed up to Occupy Wall Street this afternoon inappropriately dressed for political and economic protests.

Presumably interested to see how the other 99% lives, West took a quick stroll with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons through Zuccotti Park around 3:45 this afternoon. He didn’t stay long; after he was mobbed by the crowd in the park, he quickly left in a car. Obviously it was quite a spectacle, even if he’s not the first celebrity to drop by the demonstrations. But he may be the first to show off so much bling–it was quite a move to come by draped in gold chains, flash a brief smile with a gold grill, and show off a Givenchy flannel shirt.

Or maybe he was just making an anti-bank statement? Perhaps all of West’s monies are secured in gold bling. Whatever the case, people were not too thrilled with the notorious egocentric’s presence among the 99%.

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