Julia Stiles Should Definitely Join Twitter

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We reported a couple of weeks ago that Julia Stiles had joined–and what terrible at using–Twitter. We felt a little bad the next day when the twitter username had been deleted. We didn’t mean to hurt her feelings! But apparently it was a @FakeJuliaStiles; the real Stiles took to her blog to claim that she didn’t really join Twitter at all.

For the record, I do not, and probably never will, have a Twitter account. So whoever this “realjuliastiles” is, can suck a robotic dick. And stop emailing friends of mine pretending to be me. The real rub is when other blogs, which are gossip pages feigning some sort of authority, pick up stories that have no merit. The problem with the almighty internet is that there is no accountability.

Can a sister get some accountability?!

Oh dear: Jules is right (if it’s REALLY HER!). We admit that we were too excited about the idea that the seemingly intelligent Stiles would have been so, well, technologically challenged to notice that the account was not verified; one assumed that having Mia Farrow tweet at the account was verification enough! You have to admit; the idea of Julia Stiles being on Twitter is about as surprising as her in The Bourne Identity (were we the only ones to shout, “Hey, Julia Stiles! What’re you doing here?!” when she showed up alongside Matt Damon’s biceps and exploding foreign compact cars?). But with gems like “suck a robotic dick,” maybe Stiles should consider a Twitter account after all! We’d re-tweet that!