Judd Apatow Brings Jews & Gentiles Together

As a Jew whose strongest connections to the faith come via an affinity for Philip Roth novels, a fear of under-cooked meat, Dr. Cuddy from House, and a giant vibrating dreydl, I do my best to avoid covering too many Jew-tinted stories for secular publications as a point of respect for the separation of church and state, which my own home state’s depressingly ignorant senatorial candidate didn’t even know about. But sometimes a YouTube clip‘s too good to pass up.

American Jewish World Services is a “nonsectarian humanitarian assistance” group that gives “emergency relief to disadvantaged people worldwide.” Translation: they do good things for everyone, not just the Chosen few. They also got Judd Apatow to direct this awesomely ridiculous PSA, which features lots and lots of famous Jews and non-Jews alike, including such incongruent characters as Tracy Morgan, Brian Williams, Don Johnson, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Sarah Silverman, John Mayer, and, of course, Lindsay Lohan. Apatow makes them all say one word in Hebrew at the end. It’s funny. For extra points, be sure to navigate the newly relaunched Jewcy from some pretty hot articles on adult circumcision, the religious background of Sesame Street characters, and the pleasures of thinking about hairy men while you masturbate.

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