Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Devon Sawa Reconnect on Twitter

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, who is most famous for playing the middle-son Randy on Home Improvement (and is also THIRTY YEARS OLD), joined Twitter today. What was one of the first orders of business? Checking in with fellow former Teen Beat heartthrob Devon Sawa!

The former child actors figured out Twitter pretty easily (as we all know, celebrities use Twitter to show us boring, not-famous people that they all know each other and only communicate in public forums while mostly ignoring our at-replies and retweets). The two co-starred in Wild America, the 1997 film about nature filmmaker Marty Stouffer and his two brothers. Do you think they’ve remained friends since the shoot wrapped? Check out the heartfelt exchange:

Just a couple of bros, talkin’ ’bout bro stuff!

Let’s hope JTT and Devon can convince the third Wild America hunk Scott Bairstow to join Twitter. Couldn’t you just die?!?!

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