Johnny Depp Drops Trou, Gets Nicknamed Donkey

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Desi Arnaz was gay. Lucille Ball was a hooker. Satanists had sex with Judy Garland’s dead body. These a but a few of the questionable pearls of wisdom one can expect from Hollywood Babylon: It’s Back, a celebrity scandal tome that riffs off of Kenneth Anger’s classic gossip gospel. Says co-writer Danforth Prince, however, “I want to stress that it’s not with any collaboration from Kenneth Anger at all.” But then, he also says that he uses the same journalistic techniques that the writers of the Frommer’s guides use—so he’s not exactly a reliable source. Also featured in the book are money shots of Mick Jagger, Daniel Radcliffe, Ewan McGregor, John Malkovich, James Woods, Richard Gere and Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to New York Daily News. Click the jump to watch Prince talk about “modern paparazzi” with what might be the best lisp and lilt we’ve ever heard.