Jen Schiffer, Co-Owner of Troubled Club Verboten, Has Been Arrested

Photo via Yelp

Jen Schiffer, co-owner of troubled Williamsburg club Verboten, has been arrested, according to sources. The gossip frenzy has her down for everything from not showing her books to a court, writing $31,000 worth of bad checks, withholding taxes from foreign DJs and tax fraud.

I haven’t seen an indictment actually defining the charges, but I heard all these and many more from voices in the know. I spoke to Jen a couple of days ago, as she asked me to write her side of the story believing me “to be a fair voice.” She pitched me the “there’s two sides to every story,” story and I was ready to ask her first how all these tales could be false.

Sexual harassment accusations were also in the mix and not just a couple isolated cases, but what seemed to be an institutionalized problem. The last time we spoke was Sunday afternoon. She’d managed to get a judge to open the shuttered club Saturday night and had to postpone our scheduled sit down. She offered, “Steven I really want to do this story, but today I need to sleep, It’s been too much. Can we pick another day soon?” I said yes, but now she will surely lawyer up and hopefully let the lawyer do all the talking.

She needs to learn real fast how to play by the rules. Get to know Jen Schiffer, below:


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