Japan Woos Visitors with a ‘Welcome to Japan’ Bra

The mere mention of Japan sends my mind a flutter. It makes me think about movies like Kill Bill and The Cove. I think about cartoon porn. I think about weird gadgets and remote-control toilets. Oddly, the last thing I think about is my actual visit to the country. Blame it on the speed-shopping during my short, three-day visit to Tokyo. You can’t hate. The city is, after all, the fashion capital of Asia. Everyone knows this, including Triumph, a Tokyo-based lingerie maker that recently unveiled a “Welcome to Japan” bra to help boost tourism. There are even buttons on the undergarment which, when pushed, play messages that say “Welcome to Japan!” in English, Korean, and Chinese. From everything I know about the country, and all the crazy fashions I saw, I’m not the least bit surprised.

In addition to the bra, Triumph created a matching skirt that flips up to reveal a map of Japan. Sadly, ladies, the bra and skirt are not for sale. They are concept designs to woo visitors.

Triumph is famous for thinking outside the box. Previous company efforts have included a solar-powered bra and a rice-growing bra, which came with two plant pots, soil, and seedlings. Again, baffled but not surprised.

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