James Franco Admits to Not Being Good at Something

James Franco seems to be everywhere all the time, doing everything. He’s an actor, writer, performance artist, grad student, Oscar presenter, Oscar nominee, visual artist, etc. His solo art show, The Dangerous Book Four Boys, recently opened in Berlin. Is there anything he can’t do? (If you’ve ever read his fiction, that question answers itself — but anyway.) The Guardian straight-up asked Franco: “What are you crap at?”

“‘I’m crap at . . .’ he pauses to laugh, before offering: ‘I’m not the best dancer. I’m not the best singer, either.'” But this hasn’t stopped him from recording what will apparently be a “Motowny” album with drag artist Kalup Linzy. And anyway, when has being bad at something stopped Franco? Did you read his short story in Esquire last year, “Just Before the Black”? Sample quote: “The building is beige, but the shadows make it shadow-color.” And presumably it’s only a matter of time before the world is introduced to James Franco’s new experimental dance company, and also James Franco’s one-man burlesque show and solo album. You can’t help but admire the guy, though. “This is a bad idea” is a thought that has never entered his mind.

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