J.K. Rowling Addresses Indian Owl Smuggling Trend

As you may know, I turned into an animal activist overnight. I resisted chicken and ate a salad for dinner. I watched The Cove. Sure, this is probably a phase and I’ll be back on Spicy Wings next week, but for now I’m a crusader for animal rights and I’m watching you, whole country of India. Last week, it was made globally known that the Harry Potter franchise, which remains hugely successful in India, has captivated youth in all the wrong ways, making owls the trendiest black-market pet of the month. This major wildlife trafficking crisis has become such a noisemaker that the government got involved, and now, Potter scribe J.K. Rowling.

Rowling addressed the issue yesterday on her website: “There has been a spate of stories in the press recently concerning the upswing in popularity of keeping owls as pets, allegedly as a result of the Harry Potter books. If it is true that anybody has been influenced by my books to think that an owl would be happiest shut in a small cage and kept in a house, I would like to take this opportunity to say as forcefully as I can: please don’t.”

Let’s hope her non-fiction is just as powerful as her wizardry.

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