It’s Bastille Day: And Here is a Truly Extravagant Way to Celebrate




With the modern history of our countries so inexorably intertwined, you’d think France and America would play a little nicer in the geopolitical sandbox. The latter’s Independence Day—which celebrates something the French helped us win—has just come and gone, and the former’s Bastille Day (July 14), which was influenced by the latter, is now upon us. Let’s all get along, no?

Alas, the Stateside tradition of celebrating the turning point of the French Revolution is mostly confined to our major urban areas. And now this insidious pandemic has even made that nigh impossible. But American Francophiles with a taste for more than just a classic salade Lyonnais or simple bavette steak can now get their Gallic on Michelin style, via an opulent new partnership between NYC’s Gastronome Catering—headed by Pop Burger founder Jonathan Weizmann—Studio3, and beloved French elderflower liqueur St-Germain.



Indeed, the aforementioned three have combined their epicurean and stylistic acumen to create a special Bastille Day gourmet tasting kit, aptly titled Menu du Quatorze Juillet. The exquisite four-course dinner, by venerable Gastronome Chef Alex Ureña, starts with uni & caviar, moves elegantly on to peekytoe crab with avocado, gets serious with roasted chicken avec oyster mushrooms and spinach/parmesan puree, then finishes beautifully and sweetly with an irresistible pamplemousse custard. And all paired with delectable St-Germain Spritz cocktails.

“It was not me alone,” Weizmann explains of its inception, “but it was reaching out and seeking to develop an idea, and then using the potential of the talent, from Studio3 to St-Germain and on to Chef Ureña. This is something deeper than simply a menu; it is about people coming together and creating something unique in this difficult time.”

The special packaging, by Studio3, is also an essential element of its epicurean/aesthetic appeal.

“It is so important to choose and work with people who are experts at their craft,” Weizmann insists. And Studio3 are amazing at what they do. This luxury meal kit was packaged with TLC…every detail was handled with care and branded to perfection. All the senses are awakened, with the goal of transporting the recipient to another place. In this case, France!”

And certainly, 231 years of ironic distance means that we can, indeed, celebrate Bastille Day luxuriously.

To purchase a Menu du Quatorze Juillet Bastille Day gourmet tasting kit, visit At just $250 for two people, it will be delivered directly to your door. And, because why not, it will be available through August 14.


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