Itinerary: Bryce Dallas Howard’s Twilight in Vancouver

“I’ve always talked about coming to Vancouver,” says actress Bryce Dallas Howard while scouring the clearance shelf in front of Book Warehouse, a shop she returned to again and again while filming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. “It’s like the Emerald City.” And just like Dorothy, who returned home eventually, Howard will soon pack her bags for Portland, Oregon, to begin pre-production on Gus Van Sant’s new film, which she is producing and co- wrote (after that, she’s going back to school to get her MFA in creative writing). She stars this winter in The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, based on a lost Tennessee Williams screenplay, as Fisher Willow, an abrasive yet vulnerable character in the vein of Blanche Dubois and Maggie the Cat. “While shooting the movie in Louisiana,” she says, staring out at Vancouver’s idyllic waterfront, “I had a ‘mom moment’ looking at a magnificent sunset. It occurred to me that the purpose of the human experience on earth is to move through obstacles with grace.” She picks up her 2-year-old son, Theodore, and adds, “If you can do that, there will always be a sunset.”

image Elixir Bistro @ Opus Hotel 350 Davie Street When I was flying to Vancouver, I sat beside Michael Edelstein, a producer, and we became plane friends. He wrote down a few things that I needed to see and do while I was in the city. He told me about this place and I’ve been here every single week. It’s elegant and lovely, and I bring the cast of Twilight here for brunch.

image Book Warehouse 1051 Davie Street I drive my husband crazy because I don’t browse books—I buy books. And he’s always giving me these ultimatums like, “If you don’t finish all the books you’ve bought, you’re not allowed to buy more.”

image Vera’s Burger Shack 1030 Davie Street I love the organic beef Natural Burger. I’ve become very good friends with Xavier Samuel, who plays Riley in Twilight, and we had our first meal together here. We play love interests and while we were rehearsing we came here and hit it off. Now we’re joined at the hip. He’s even going to stay with my husband [actor Seth Gabel] in L.A.

image Granville Island Toy Company 3298 Main Street I love that in addition to having a specialty toy shop, it also has a three-story jungle gym. You can go in there with your kid—one of the benefits of being a young parent—and crawl around for an entire afternoon. My son loves it here, so it’s a pretty standard weekend activity.

Studeo 55 1114 Alberni Street All of us on Twilight trained at Studeo 55. The gym is awesome because it has different themed areas: a karate studio, a Pilates studio, a yoga studio—even a golfing area. Xavier and I were paired together for our workouts and it got competitive. All of us are panicking about maintaining our workouts once the movie is done.

image Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar 1095 Hamilton Street I come here—I’m embarrassed to say—several times a week. I order the tuna tataki, beef sashimi, tsunami roll and the steak. Whatever I got paid for Twilight no longer exists because I spent it all at this place.

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