Is Michael Phelps Dating Lily Donaldson?

Sure, Michael Phelps’ eight gold medals at these Olympic Games are impressive, but there’s a greater reward for his inhuman success than eight glorified gold coins (though perhaps you still need help dressing yourself.) When you become a superstar athlete, you earn the right to date models, right, Tom Brady? Now that he’s a household name, let whispers of Phelpsian romantic exploits begin. The average looking all-American boy has apparently landed superhot supermodel Lily Donaldson, best known for replacing Kate Moss as the face of Burberry.

But what kind of newly-anointed media darling would Phelps be with just one rumored fling? Swimmer Amanda Beard, who won a gold at the last Olympics in Athens and has posed nude for Playboy, is also being linked to Phelps. But this shouldn’t be new to him. The guy won six gold medals four years ago, so he’s most certainly been swimming in something other than water since then. Everyone from Paris Hilton and first daughter Jenna Bush was linked to him after the last Olympics. That’s also about the time he told the Guardian that he has a “pretty quiet life” and that it’s “kinda boring.” On the subject of a girlfriend, he said, “I haven’t got a girlfriend and I can’t do the kind of things all my friends are doing as college students. I swim, listen to hip hop and work on my car. But, in my opinion, that’s still a pretty good life. I don’t know whether I’d want to trade it for anything.” But that was 6-gold Phelps talking. Now we’re dealing with 14-gold-Phelps, and it looks like he traded it for something, all right. At least he can eat for both of them.

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