Is Jim Carrey’s Bizarre Video to Emma Stone Sincere or a Prank?

Last night, as half the planet was taking stock of Steve Jobs’ impact on humanity while the other half was wondering, Where in the World is Colonel Gaddafi?, Jim Carrey posted a strange video love letter to Emma Stone on his website, recapturing the global conversation faster than you can say ‘restraining order.’ General reaction to the homemade clip has been befuddlement, unease, and a slight case of the heebee-jeebies (that’s not taking into account the emotional whirlwind that Ms. Stone must be enduring). The operative word to describe the video, according to the blogs and the people who write them, has been ‘creepy.’ So what’s the deal?

Does Jim Carrey mean it when he says, “If I were a lot younger, I would marry you,” or is this merely an attempt at Joaquin Phoenix-lite performance art?

The answer is, who the hell knows? Or, more definitively, probably a bit of both. Obviously, Emma Stone is one of the more crushable actresses working in Hollywood today. One merely needs to cycle through her latest round of chat show appearances to understand her effect on older men, especially David Letterman. And these aren’t just ordinary men—they’re comedians. And Emma Stone is a comedienne, an outrageously beautiful one with a Lauren Bacall voice and Lucille Ball hair. It’s easy to see why she’d appeal to any man with a funny bone in his body. (That sounded kind of gross.)

But back to Carrey’s potential motivations. His last movie, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, came and went at the box office, signaling an official end to his Kevlar reign at multiplexes. The video could be a half-hearted attempt at reminding the young people that he still knows the way to their hearts—easily digestible online videos under 180 seconds. Or maybe he was just bored, and wanted to prove to himself that he could get the entire Entertainment Industrial Complex talking about him with the flick of a record button. (It worked, Jim!)

Or maybe—just maybe—Jim Carrey has the blistering hots for Emma Stone. Shit, I do. And so do you, admit it. Fully aware that because of his 49-year-old-ness he could never actually date her—despite the fact that Stone was no doubt reared on the Ace Venturas and Dumb & Dumbers of Carrey’s prime and probably still idolizes him—he chose to turn the whole thing into a harmless joke. We like to throw around words like ‘creepy’ to make it seem like Carrey is somehow coming apart, but if you watch the video, the man is clearly having fun with it, albeit more subtly than, say, this Jim Carrey. If the video came with a Funny or Die imprint attached, we’d all laugh, and welcome Jim Carrey to the age of viral videos. His other online videos, of which there are a lot, provide a candid look into the life of a global superstar, but none of those have spread beyond Carrey’s official site.

Today Emma Stone is no doubt prepping a response, either officially or just in her own head. And whether it comes in the form of her own video (doubtful) or on some red carpet, she should remain sensitive. These are real feelings she might be dealing with.

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