Iron & Wine Release Black Friday Single

Black Friday is good for a lot of things, like buying stuff for yourself under the guise of buying gifts for others and getting trampled by mobs. But this year it was good for another reason: the release of “Walking Far From Home”, the first single off Iron and Wine’s highly anticipated forthcoming album, Kiss Each Other Clean. For those waiting for me to make fun of Iron and Wine mastermind Sam Beam like I did your boy Sufjan, don’t hold your breath. Despite Beam’s complete loss of hipster cachet after the Garden State fiasco, or the fact that his voluminous output leaves room for lots of b-side stinkers, I really dig the guy’s music.”Dig” being the appropriate verb for listening to this new track, a 70’s-style, gospel/doo-wop-tinged ballad featuring choral arrangements, heavy vocal reverb, and Beam’s trademark brand of eco-poetic lyrics. And from what my sources tell me, the whole record is just as good. Listen after the jump.

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