Introducing Our Inaugural Culture Curve

Introducing our first-ever Culture Curve, the parabola of pop: a no-risk gamble on who and what’s on the up-and-up, at the very top, and on the outs. Take a look at the breakdown after the jump!

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About to Explode ● The… Freedom… Tower? ● Visors (see: Brad Pitt in Moneyball; your nana). ● Juno Temple: trust us on this one. ● Tavi, the magazine editor. ● Procreation (if we can see your junk, your jeans are too tight). ● Monster Blasberg, man-about-town Derek Blasberg’s fake dog’s fake twitter account (“@derekblasberg: why don’t you follow me? I fucking follow you everywhere”). ● James Spader’s oily, mesmerizing turn as Robert California, the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin on NBC’s The Office. ● The Weeknd’s perfectly pervy r&b. ● Roll models to role models: Fat actors drastically shedding weight, like Jonah Hill and Entourage’s Jerry Ferrara.

Saturation Point ● Fairy tales: (NBC’s Grimm, ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the two upcoming Snow White movies). ● Madame Wong’s (literally, the place is closed). ● The letter M. ● Martha Marcy May Marlene. ● Mormonism. (Those Quiksilver-looking subway ads for really pushed it over the edge) ● The cast of Glee. Are we the only ones who’ve lost track?

Over the Hill ● Animal-title movies (Straw Dogs, A Bird of the Air, Chasing Madoff). ● … Especially when They’re in 3D (Shark Night 3D, The Lion King 3D, Dolphin Tale 3D). ● Tanning beds. (Gym, laundry, safe for now.) ● Pippa. ● Planking. ● Owling. ● Loving and/or hating dubstep too much. ● Bathroom voyeurs. ● Tavi, the style rookie. ● Creepers. To borrow a quote from the Countess Luann, “Even Prada makes mistakes.” ● Celebrity mermaid hair (Rihanna, Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson). ● Hashtags. #4realz #enough.

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