Instasham, a New Service That Is Basically What You Already Do With Social Media

There’s that old cliché about faking it ’til you make it, but a new project from the team at Mother creative agency takes said cliché and reverses it, declaring, "if you can’t make it, fake it." Social media is essentially already about making everyone look more interesting than they really are (check the exhaustive backlog of South By Southwest-related tweets from this past week for just one of many examples), artists Andy Dao and Stacey Smith centered their latest effort on lampshading this notion and creating a system by which you can create an extravagant web of lies. 

Instasham features a high-quality backlog of phone-sized, easily transferrable photos you can upload to your own Instagram accounts to make your life seem like the Facebook Tyler Durden version of it you wish it was. All your friends are seeing cool bands and eating tacos out of trucks? Whatever, bro, as far as your Instasham photos indicate, you’re in Venice wandering the canals, or on a glass-bottom boat in Slovenia or hanging out with Beyoncé or on a hazy, disjointed but beautifully-filtered bender weekend that looks like one of Harmony Korine’s fantasies. No one ever has to know. Until you realize you drunkenly checked in on some other social media account to the coffee shop down the block from your apartment and instead of popping top-shelf champagne with the luminaries of your generation, you’re really just staring down at your drink. Which isn’t the worst place you could be right now, really. 

[via AdWeek]

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