Industry Insiders: Patrick Roger, Master Chocolatier

Patrick Roger’s extraordinary chocolates have garnered him praise not only from admirers such as the “Mozart of Chocolate” for his subtle marriage and harmony of flavors, but also earned him the moniker “the Rodin of Chocolate” for his simple yet impressive cacao sculptures, which have even been recast in bronze for museum display. The windows of tiny Parisian boutiques are often crowded with spectators craning their necks to see his creations. Roger has been acknowledged as best chocolatier by the city of Paris, and he’s received the prestigious “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” distinction. His book, Forte en Chocolate is available (in French) from First Editions, Paris.

How would you describe yourself? I’m simple, so that shows you how complicated it is to be simple!

What do you think of the state of chocolate-making today? In practice, anything is possible. Chocolate allows any approach. Everyone has his own way of making chocolate — sometimes good, and sometimes …

Name someone you admire in your industry and why. Michel Belin, for his mug, his profile.

What are your favorite things to make? Love and food. The pleasures of the soul and flesh.

Name one positive trend that you see in your industry. To create true taste at a certain moment, and after a certain time. To transform the chocolate matter into excellence of taste, like the beer-flavored chocolate for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Anything negative? I hate it when someone does some media coup just for fashion’s sake. A trend, for example, is chocolate with cheese. One creates a chocolate just because it’s good.

What is something that people might not know about you? Everything. Most people don’t know me. They think that I’m inaccessible, but I’m not.

What are your future projects? To share the culture of taste with the international public. I hope to open a Patrick Roger shop in Italy.

What are you doing tonight? Working.

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