Industry Insiders: Dave Rocco, No Reservations

As manager of New York’s La Esquina, Dave Rocco has learned to focus on every detail, from the music to the lighting. Yet he always takes time to appreciate just how amazing the five-year-old Nolita restaurant and lounge can be.

“Even though I work here, I still drop in on my nights off,” he says. Rocco came to nightlife from the music industry, where he started out as a producer for Z100 when he was just 14. He eventually became an on-air personality, but woke up one day and decided his real interest lay in food and hospitality.

And while an average day can be hectic, delivering impeccable service is its own reward. “When I go out to dinner, I enjoy feeling like someone knows who I am, and hears me if I need something,” he says. “La Esquina really cares about that.”

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