Industry Insiders: Cedric Adegnika, Jet Setter

Cedric Adegnika, the doorman and VIP host at Set, brings fame to clubs, sees the future, then does downward facing dog.

How would you describe your profession? My job is to bring fame to night clubs.

Which establishments do you frequent? Sardinia. It’s an Italian restaurant whose most important aspect is the ambiance and the home-like feeling, plus customized service and of course good, healthy food. Vita, a restaurant/lounge with great service and a friendly, warm atmosphere. A place where you can have dinner and stay to have drinks and party till the end of the night. And Set has the best-looking crowd and European jet-setters.

Anyone you admire in the hospitality industry? Ian Schrager, the founder of Morgans Group. He’s the man who introduced boutique hotels, making it a huge hit. Starting as a nightclub owner, he was able to take risks and start something new and make it a growing trend. Also, Roberto Caan, Mynt Lounge/Rok Bar founder (Miami Beach). He was not afraid to do things against the norm. Huge risk-taker and a man who constantly invented new ideas. A true visionary.

What positive trends are you seeing in hospitality? People are willing to spend more money on entertainment perceived as prestigious. The reason why I like it is because it shows that we’ve achieved the perception we’ve worked towards.

And negative trends?The level of service versus the prices is declining.

What is one thing that people don’t know about you? I have a clear vision of what my life will be like years from now.

What are you doing tonight? First I am going to yoga, and after I will have dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the company of an intelligent, beautiful woman.

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