Industry Insiders: Amanda Middlebrooks, House of Mirth

To cater to the eclectic devotees of New York’s exclusive Soho House, a private club pampering those in the arts and media, it helps to see things from a member’s perspective. That’s what makes Amanda Middlebrooks such a perfect fit as its marketing and member communications manager.

Earlier in her career, the Florida native worked for A-list caterer and party planner Serena Bass, who moved her company’s offices into the trendy Meatpacking District building in 2008. Soho House management was so impressed by Middlebrooks’ poise and business acumen that they hired her to handle partnerships and events.

“I try to put myself into the shoes of a member,” she says. “How to create an environment where connections can be made, what space I would most enjoy, even what cocktails I would like to drink on the roof — thanks to quite a few hours of research.”

While Middlebrooks draws on her experience every day, she says the secret to her success is a bit more fundamental. “I’ve found that the best tools are a smile, and thinking fast on your feet.”

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