Industry Insider: Gregg Coyle, Mixx Master

On any given evening, Gregg Coyle, the director of nightlife for the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, arrives at the sprawling den of hedonism well before the revelers roll in. At roughly 9pm, he dines in one of the hotel’s six celebrity-chef restaurants, often with one of his visiting DJs, big-name draws like Jermaine Dupri and David Guetta.

When his two clubs, MIXX and mur.mur, open an hour later, “it’s all business from then on,” he says. And he’s not kidding. Coyle, who has worked at the Borgata for the past seven years, typically doesn’t get home until 7am. “You have to be a bit insane to work in this industry” he says, “but it’s the unforgettable nights that make the hours entirely worth it.” Recent highlights have included a surprise performance by Busta Rhymes, an impromptu dance-off between Janet Jackson’s back-up dancers, and the after-party for a No Doubt concert, where Gwen Stefani arrived at the DJ booth on her bodyguard’s back. Fear not, however, for the well-being of the bodyguard–or Coyle for that matter. “A night out is a bit like a workout,” he says, betraying a Pan-like lust for debauchery. “if it doesn’t hurt the next day, then it probably wasn’t good.”

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