iFidelity: iPhone Apps for Art, Hotels, & Booze

TOWN & COUNTRY [Free] Founded in 1846, Town & Country has spent the past sesquicentennial (and then some) educating its affluent readers on the ner points of fashion,travel, beauty, and the arts. It’s only fitting, then, that the arbiters of luxe have now put their curated stamp on America’s best places to eat, sleep, drink, and shop. “Share is Listing” encourages social networking, while “T&C Must Do,” curated by Town & Country editors, directs readers to the best of both town and, well, country. There’s also a “More Like is Nearby” feature, through which users can browse likeminded venues. Use Access Perks to get insider discounts and deals.

PAIR IT! FOOD AND WINE [$4.99] Few things are as satisfying as a good meal paired with a glass of fine wine. Finding the perfect combination, however, isn’t always easy. With Pair It!, oenophiles and amateurs alike can search by food or wine preference and nd matches to satisfy even the most finicky palates. Still can’t make up your mind? Simply shake or swirl your iPhone for a di erent combination every time. With over 180 varietals from around the world, this app really is worthy of its buzz.

TYPEDRAWING [$2.99] They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if your picture was made up of a thousand words? Simply jot down a phrase, then drag your fingertip along the text to manipulate its shape. The typed text becomes the lines of the drawing. The faster you swipe your screen, the smaller the lines of text appear. If you drag your finger slowly, the fonts maintain their size. With this fun and intuitive app, you can be both the author and the illustrator.

ALTERNATE ENDINGS [$4.99] Have you ever left a movie feeling completely dissatisfied by the ending? Wish you could tweak the plot slightly so things wrap up as you’d prefer? Well, now you can. Alternate Endings is an interactive murder-mystery comedy that lets you shape the circumstances, Choose Your Own Adventure–style. The “movie” tells the unfolding narrative of a young director who’s been murdered, and it’s up to you to solve the crime and move the investigation along. If only Sophie’s Choice had been this malleable.

SAVAGE LOVE [$1.99] Let’s be real—when it comes to love and sex, we can always use a little advice. Fortunately, with Savage Love, lotharios-manqué can get their daily dose of witty and wise sex advice from author Dan Savage. Peruse a host of sexy categories, check out the “Question of the Day,” or tune in for exclusive video content. If you’re still having trouble finding a solution to your relationship woes, press the “Ask Dan” button and email him directly, or dig deep into the archives and discover over 20 years of between-the-sheets wisdom. The best sex and love advice is now just strokes away.

PRO HDR [$1.99] Hipstamatic is so 2010. The next big thing in iPhone photography is Pro HDR, an app that makes your sorry camera-phone pictures look like they were taken with a high-end SLR. iPhones are usually at the mercy of their surrounding lighting conditions, which often result in murky photos taken in basement bars and at after-dark celebrations. HDR photographs, however, more closely mimic the experience of being there by offering three levels of exposure—basically copying the complicated technology of a SLR camera, and automatically editing them to perfection. Seriously, there’s more retouching in this thing than in an entire issue of Vogue.

HAPPY HOURED [Free] The only thing better than an after-work drink is a cheap after-work drink. With Happy Houred, find the best watering holes in your area without putting a dent in your savings account. Plug in your beverage of choice, your desired drinking hour, and your location—et voilà—scroll through a comprehensive list of the best deals in town. Make your nightly booze hunt more exciting with games, challenges, and prizes in Happy Houred’s bi-monthly newsletter. Create your own profile and connect with fellow drinkers in over 2,000 cities across the country.

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