Ibiza in California at Moonshadows Malibu

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I’ve never been to Ibiza, that far-flung orgy of techno and Eurotrash. But I’m told that if I want a far more palatable version, it can be found every Sunday at Moonshadows in Malibu. There we found a collection of well-dressed people who looked like they might be European, with their tans, lithe figures, motorcycle shades, and upturned collars. Did they just dock their boat? That day it was hazy and overcast, so the music, spun by Mick Cole (also of Monday Social fame) was a perfect match — mellow yellow, burbling and gurgling beats that undulated to match the waves beneath us.

Moonshadows is famous for other reasons — once a biker bar favored by Harley types, it’s the place where Mel Gibson was hanging out before his infamous DUI arrest (the one where he rambled on incoherently about Jews and somesuch). Before things turned ugly, Cole had seen the actor making his way around the bar, and recalled he was quite merry, though not as sauced as we eventually found him.

This week, there will probably not be any Mel Gibson sightings, but on New Year’s Eve you can live it up Malibu style as you start the evening by watching the sunset on 2009 (yes, please, make it end already!), eat from their delish dinner menu of fresh seafood (reservations required), and dance on the heated patio of the Blue Lounge, right over the water. Yeah, life in California is good like that. Then, you can repeat it all over again on Sunday afternoon after you’ve recovered.