I Will Not Link to the Gary Coleman Deathbed Photo

Now you know there’s a Gary Coleman deathbed photo. Whatever, you were going to find out anyway. It’s on the cover of Globe Magazine. His ex-wife probably sold it to help pay her legal fees. CBS News has it up on their website, if you really need to go see a photo of a dead child star who died far too young.

I don’t normally actually object to celebrity gossip. People like what they like. We should all be so lucky as to find something in this world that gives us pleasure, and if reading about Heidi Montag’s farts gives you a jolt of happiness…

But this is beyond the pale. Many have made the argument that celebrity gossip degrades us as people, that the obsession with fame for fame’s sake dangerously taps into people’s need for acknowledgment, that, really, the entire dynamic exploits the worst, most frivolous aspects of human nature. Whenever I used to hear this argument, I’d sort of internally scoff and mentally muse, “I hope you’re enjoying college!” But enough is enough.

Coleman hadn’t regularly appeared on television or in the movies in years. He had a normal job. Now a photograph of him dying is on the front page of a magazine sold all across the country. This is not an okay thing and it’s happened because A) Globe Magazine is apparently completely unscrupulous and B) people care about the private life of someone who was on TV decades ago.

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