I See Naked People: The High Line

The High Line on the west side of New York has earned itself a reputation as a place to check out naked people. It all started with The Standard Hotel, built to straddle the High Line, with its massive pylon base, and also, built with all glass walls that just happen to face the High Line. As people found out this summer, while visiting the newly opened public space, you can see more than just the nice view off of the three-story high High Line itself.

If you time it right (nighttime is best) you can catch a peep show or ten. The Standard Hotel is reveling in this attention and encourages their guests to “just have fun!” The hotel’s blog, ever briefly, even linked to photos of two unclothed women in provocative positions. Many hotel guests prance around nude, or nearly nude, and those down below can choose to watch. The peep shows have ranged from topless women to couples having sex, to just people walking around. It seems like a symbiotic relationship at The Standard and the High Line. People want to watch, and people want to be watched. We’ll see how long the fun will last before some spoilsport ruins it for everyone. In the meantime, hoof it down there sometime in the evening and catch a show for yourself.

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