Howl at the Moon: Le Souk’s Tuesday Night Party

We day-walkers believe Tuesday night is not meant for raging. Where premature partying is concerned, it’s widely accepted that Thursday night is the official unofficial start the weekend in the city. So what to make of The Wolf Party at Le Souk Harem held on, of all days, a Tuesday night? It’s there you’ll find those nocturnal creatures that believe every night out is the weekend.

Le Souk Harem. The name has already been established as a den of sin from its previous location in the East Village. Moroccan-French cuisine and hookahs hardly seem like a fit for a party meant for wolves, but somehow it works. Every Tuesday the venue is packed to the gills with studded, spiked, and inked partygoers all dying to do the whole “see and be seen” thing. And they really make an effort, trading worn leather jackets for face paint, wigs, and other ornamentation.

Markko Donto leads this bevy of brooding boys, dancing the night away in outfits that would make Lady Gaga lust. The slew of hosts include nightlife veteran Michael de Guzman, newcomers Jgarc Beair, Tanner Caldwell, Samuel Valentine, and Rachel Landry, and a slew of other party enthusiasts. Weekly go-go dancers mix with other guests, who take to dancing on the tables themselves. Think electrorock mash-ups and a little dubstep. Special performances by fire-dancers and alternative burlesque performers help give the party an “anything goes” feel. Though nightlife has been missing that certain something since the mega-clubs closed down and bottle service started up, some of it can be found in the crazy costumes and genuine crowd enthusiasm at the Wolf Party.

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