How the World Is Coping With Corey Haim’s Death

Clearly this week, the universe isn’t feeling terribly generous about recognizing past pop culture touchstones. First there was that whole episode with the Oscars obviously forgetting to honor Bea Arthur and Farrah Fawcett. Now the universe has seen fit to strip Corey Haim’s body of all sentience (will he be included in next year’s Oscars “In Memoriam” montage?). Sure nobody’s going to be rushing to make diamonds out of locks of his hair, but still, when Corey Haim dies, the world cries. Oh, does it cry.

Twitter, for example, has taken a brief break from allowing “Justin Bieber” to trend to observe the death of the Lost Boys star:

Which isn’t to say that tweeple–as a rule–are necessarily aware of who Haim was.

Others are not so shocked by his death, but by his unlikely taste in fleeting paramours:

Outside of the Twitterverse, news outlets are racing to be top of the Google Index by any means necessary. In some cases, like The Guardians, this means tasteful clip packages like “Corey Haim: a career in clips,” in others, like this one from The Mirror combine Haim’s death with his taste in girlfriends to fashion a clunky HED. Most curiously, Canadian outlets are quickly trying to cash in on his sudden, posthumous celebrité, with CTV offering, “Canadian actor Corey Haim, 80s heartthrob, found dead.”

Meanwhile select eBay vendors are already offering Corey Haim memorial ribbon car magnets. Other paraphernalia, like his autograph has seen heightened bidding action since the actor’s passing was initially reported.

Curiously, YouTube tributes to Haim remain slim-pickings for the time being.

Because sometimes it is nice to remember child actors trying to cash in on the prime of their lives by reflecting as washed-up adults, here is Haim, then, discussing his tryst with Beckham. Because no doubt, reporters are banging on the ex-Spice Girl’s door trying to get a soundbite as you read this.

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