How Insider Josh Wagner Throws Down

Last weekend, BlackBook Industry Insider Josh Wagner, the regional director of nightlife for Morgans Hotel Group in Miami, celebrated his 30th birthday with no remorse about getting older. He threw down. With the help of close friend Lil Jon (who shares the same birthday), Wagner and 100 of his closest friends re-lived the glory of their college years in honor of the big 3-0 in South Beach. Details after the jump.

(‘DiggThis’)How’d you celebrate turning 30? Lil Jon and I actually share the same birthday and we’ve been friends for years. We decided a couple of months ago that we were going to do our birthdays together at the Florida Room. Lil Jon and Pitbull were on the mic all night doing their thing and there was a bevy of Miami DJs that include everyone from DJ Irie to Ross 1 and Ruckus was on the bill and Jon was spinning and Matteo Di Fontaine who was DJing with U2 for the last six months on tour . There were about seven different DJs who passed through during the night and it was just a pretty ridiculous, raging party. We also had the Big Bounce perform before that from 10-midnight.

How are you and Lil Jon friends? Jon and I have known each other for years, from Skybar at Shore Club. He came down and there was a massive birthday cake with both our pictures stenciled on it. There was lots of champagne and more importantly, tons of tequila being thrown around the entire night.

Did the festivities continue? On Sunday, at The Standard Hotel, we had a non-conventional South Beach day with a 90 pound pig roast with beer pong and flip cup foosball and mud baths and spa treatments. It was just a bunch of Miami’s finest enjoying a Sunday afternoon trying to re-live their college days. It was keg stands and college’d out. I was in a fraternity when I was in college at University of Wisconsin and you would have definitely known it by seeing me last weekend.


How’d you survive a full weekend of that debauchery? To be honest with you, I had a lot of my friends fly in from out of town who do not work in this industry, and they were so much more inebriated than I was, so I actually felt good the whole weekend. Maybe it was sad because I could consume a lot more than they could, but it was very funny to see on Sunday , a bunch of models in bikinis and old frat boys play flip cup together. Very funny.

Biggest highlights? My 63 year old mother was spotted chugging a bottle of tequila at Lil Jon’s table.

Was this your best birthday party ever? 25 was pretty amazing. I was utterly surprised and I’d never been surprised before. I had about 30 of my friends unbeknownst to me fly into town and completely shock me. This one was a wonderful way to enter my 30’s.

Photo: Seth Browarnik/ Red Eye Productions

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