Hooters Sues Rival Breastaurant for Stealing Trade Secrets

A rivalry is heating up between testosterone friendly Hooters (whose full name is Hooters of America, in case you were confused) and the creatively named, similarly boob- theme restaurant, Twin Peaks. A federal lawsuit has been filed claiming a former Hooter’s executive swiped documents from the famous chain and handed them over to their competitor. What sort of well-rounded, sensitive, highly classified trade secrets were stolen?

Wings and beer are best sellers? Short shorts are super hawt? Guys who bring their girlfriends on a date are getting dumped later? Tits, just in general? This seems like something there would be plenty of information on. I am guessing their secret to success has something to do with well-endowed women and the rest is pretty much standard practice, but I wasn’t privy to insider information so what do I know? Maybe they just need to add something patriotic to their name, like Red, White, And Blue Twin Peaks or Twin Peaks Go USA! That will probably get a lot of people in the door. The lawsuit claims that Joseph Hummel downloaded over 500 pages in marketing plans, contract agreements, recruiting tools and sales figures before and after he left the company. How it will pan out remains to be seen, but even if Twin Peaks gets a magazine, a calendar, an International swimsuit pageant and a whole lot of spandex outfits, there should be room in the marketplace for both. After all, Hooters is “beach themed” while the latter is built around “snow lodge-style.” Completely different…

Or maybe not. Twin Restaurant IP LLC filed a lawsuit against fellow breastaurant Grand Tetons for infringing on “trade dress” otherwise known as scantliy clad waitress uniforms.

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